Longview ISD Foundation, Inc.
2019 Lamplighter Awards Banquet

The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. believes that the Longview Independent School District delivers excellence to its students, and excellence is achieved because of the dedicated, nurturing people who touch the lives of students every day.  To honor the profession, the Longview ISD Foundation is hosting the 2019 Lamplighter Awards, the nineteenth annual fundraising educator tribute dinner event, to be held on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM at Pinecrest Country Club, 201 Club Drive, Longview, Texas. 
Reservations for the event are $25.00 each. Call Kay Ray, Executive Director of the Foundation, at 903-452-7015 to make reservations or contact her at gray@lisd.org or gloriakayray@gmail.com.  There will be no tickets to the banquet. Instead, all paid guests will check in at the banquet for assigned table seating. 
Based on an idea inspired by the children’s book My Great-Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston, this fundraising event honors students and campus personnel (teachers, principals, counselors, librarians, teachers’ aides, cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers, or nurses) who have touched the lives of these students.  Students read My Great-Aunt Arizona and wrote essays about a person from their LISD campus or a person who has retired from their LISD campus who has been special to them like Great-Aunt Arizona, a teacher, was special to Gloria Houston, the book’s author. 
At the banquet, Nell Ward and Brian Shobert, Foundation members and this year’s emcees, will read portions of the students’ essays about the honorees while both student and educator are presented.  Each student and honoree will receive a Lamplighter Award.
The Foundation will also award the seventeenth annual Cornerstone Award to Chuck King, owner of Chick-fil-A and ardent supporter of the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc., for his dedication to the students and educators of Longview ISD and for his support of the Foundation’s annual Green Out and Green Out Night at Chick-fil-A.
With the Lamplighter Awards, the Longview ISD Foundation pays tribute to students and those who are special to them in their school lives and invites the community to celebrate Longview ISD and the people who make it a success.  Through this event, the Longview ISD Foundation also raises funds for the annual Great Rewards for Great Ideas Grant Program, the Campus Initiative Grant, and the John W. Harrison, Jr. Academic Field Trip Grant through the generosity of Heart of the Community, Champion, Sustainer, Advocate, Benefactor and Friend sponsors. 
To learn how to become a sponsor of this year’s event, go to www.lisdfoundation.org and click on “Ways to Invest” on the menu bar and scroll down to find a 2019 sponsorship form.
The Longview ISD Foundation is proud to present the 2019 honorees:
Bramlette Elementary School—Mable King honored by Jamaya Smith
East Texas Montessori Prep Academy—Dr. Nora Diaz honored by Dariana Aguilar
J. L. Everhart Elementary School—Priscilla Johnson honored by Jasmine Carter
Hudson Elementary School—Alison Campbell honored by Mary Claire Hilton
Johnston-McQueen Elementary School—Patty Daniel honored by Mixie Gallant
South Ward Elementary School—Susan Moon honored by Oscar Olivares
Ware Elementary School—Vanessa Pipkin honored by Kierra Freeman
Ned E. Williams Elementary School—Latanya Garlon honored by Mercia Otahhe
Forest Park Middle School—Arri Moore honored Yudiel Aguirre
Foster Middle School—Kayleigh Mayhall honored by Madalynn Maddox
Judson Middle School—Brandis Jamerson honored by Kenia Otero
Longview Early Graduation High School—Kristi Means honored by KyJuan Elam
Longview High School—Alan Raith honored by Jose D. Tenorio III
and Helen Davis, retired Foster Middle School teacher, honored by Zach Fasang
Please join the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. in making this event a memorable one that will allow students to honor the employees of Longview ISD who have touched their hearts and minds during their school lives.
By attending the banquet, you will show your support for Longview ISD students and educators.