Lobo Green Out 2018
Friday, September 14
Longview High School Lobos vs. John Tyler Lions

The 17th Annual Big Green Victory Line for the 2018 Lobos

The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. is sponsoring Lobo Green Out 2018 on Friday, September 14, when the Longview Lobos host the John Tyler Lions at Lobo Stadium at 7:30 PM.
Everyone who wears a Lobo Green Out 2018 T-shirt to the Lobo/Liions game on Friday, September 14, is invited to form the pre-game BIG GREEN VICTORY LINE for the Lobos.  The victory line will form at 7:10 PM on the track on the home side of the field. 
Lobo fans, join the fun of Green Out 2018.  The Lobos are 14-2 on Green Out Night at Lobo Stadium.  Let's help the Lobos keep winning!  #greenout2018  #beastmode