On December 17, the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. awarded its second John W. Harrison, Jr. Academic Field Trip Grant and presented $4,991.13 to Shanekwa Wrighten and Brittany Sims, South Ward Elementary School fifth grade teachers.

Because of a donation from a generous anonymous donor, the Foundation was able to fund another academic field trip.   The first grant was awarded to Hudson PEP Elementary School fourth and fifth grade teachers.

Now seventy South Ward students will also visit the Perot Museum in Dallas on a cross-curricular trip that will teach math, science, social studies, and reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. 

In the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovative Hall at the Perot Museum, students will become an engineer as they uncover how math and science are used to solve everyday problems and understand how the two disciplines are the connection between bridges and robots.  In the hall, students will design and build a robot to race through a maze, pick up objects, or go head to head with other robots.

In the Discovering Life Hall, students will discover fossils and taxidermy specimens while learning how factors such as genetics and environment shape the next generation of plants and animals
In the Dynamic Earth Hall, students will see how earth, air, and water interact to produce powerful results and engage multimedia stations to discover how and why the land and climate on the planet are constantly changing.

Throughout the museum, students will engage in hands-on labs that will reinforce their classroom learning.  Before the students travel, they will perform three classrooms scavenger hunt activities so they will fully understand the concept of a scavenger hunt and be prepared for the full Perot Museum experience.  Students will also evaluate data from their science assessment and conclude their two lowest areas.  Then they will be expected to give special attention to those areas while at the museum, turning those weaknesses into strengths.  When students return to class, they will make a brochure to present to the class to show the dynamic change in their learning, thus including reading and writing in their assignment.

The students will conclude the day with dinner at Furr’s Cafeteria before returning to Longview.  While the day will begin at 7:00 AM and conclude at 8:00 PM, the jam-packed day will be one the students will remember, not only for the learning experience but also for a trip to downtown Dallas, a trip some students may have never made.

The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. is proud to have provided funding for this academic field trip, thus continuing its mission to maximize educational opportunities for students.  The Foundation is very appreciative of the anonymous donor who cared enough about children and their success to fund this grant.