Great Rewards for Great Ideas Program

Dear LISD Teachers, Counselors, Librarians and Nurses:
In 1994, a cross-section of community members who support the Longview Independent School District created the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. to enrich and maximize the quality of classroom education in the Longview Independent School District.  The Foundation's Board of Directors, businesses, corporations, community members and LISD employees who support the Foundation believe that creative and innovative approaches to teaching can benefit our students and increase student achievement.  Because of this belief, the Foundation has created a permanent endowment fund to provide annual funding for the Great Rewards for Great Ideas Grant Program.
The 2023-2024 Great Rewards for Great Ideas Grant Program will fund creative teaching approaches and innovative projects with the hope that the best ones will serve as pilot projects for broader implementation.  Funding not otherwise available for such projects will be funded from $100 up to $2,500.
Attached are a grant application form and guidelines and policies that the Foundation’s Grant Selection Committee will follow.  Please read the guidelines and policies before beginning.  You may submit a paper copy to the Foundation office at the Education Support Center or submit an online application at  The committee will consider how compatible the project/program is with the district’s goals, the school’s or department’s mission or philosophy, campus improvement plan, or district improvement plan.  Please consult your fellow teachers, principal, technology specialists, or curriculum leaders for ideas or needs for your instructional program and students.
Please remember that Foundation board members who read the grants and determine the recipients are community members, business representatives, parents, and alumni.  Please make certain that your application reflects your best work and best represents Longview ISD to the public.
To assure anonymity, the cover page of the application remains in the Foundation office and is replaced only after the committee has identified the winning grants by the assigned application numbers.
If you have any questions, please contact me at 903-452-7015 or email me at or at
The Foundation looks forward to receiving many grant applications from across the district and is proud to provide funding for the twenty-ninth annual Great Rewards for Great Ideas Grant Program.
Kay Ray
Executive Director

Project Title:
Total Dollar Amount of Budget Requested:(Include shipping cost, etc.)
Names of Grant Applicant(s):
Email Address:
What materials will be needed to implement the project? (Include samples, pictures, specific descriptions, etc., which may help in the grant review process. Attach to grant application as necessary.) What, if any, additional materials, etc., will be required from the District to implement this project?
Provide a detailed explanation of your budget request. Include specific information about materials and equipment needed, sources, costs, transportation, honorariums, shipping and handling, etc. No general estimates will be accepted; the application will be rejected. Please list any other secured funding sources for this project.
Describe in detail the project/program and the need it addresses. DO NOT use the name of your campus in your description.
Why do you consider this project to be an innovative and/or creative approach to teaching?
List the major objectives of the project.
What teaching methods will you use to implement this project?
What evaluation method will you use to determine whether your objectives have been achieved and whether your project is successful? Please be specific.
Give a time schedule for implementation.
How many students will be affected by this project both directly and/or indirectly?
What grade level(s) will be affected by this project? What is the potential for expansion of this project to other grade levels and/or schools?