Lobo Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Lobo Memorial Scholarship Fund seeks donations and awards scholarships to deserving Longview High School seniors.   Since 2001, the fund has awarded $191.000 n scholarships to LHS seniors.
The fund is a part of the Longview ISD Foundation, and the scholarship recipients are selected through an application process by a committee within the Foundation. Emily Erisman Myers, Longview ISD Foundation board member, LHS graduate, and member of the Lobo Scholarship Memorial Fund, chairs that committee with members of the Longview ISD Foundation serving as committee members. The Lobo Memorial Scholarship Fund will continue to raise funds annually for the scholarships and award scholarships.
 Your donation to the scholarship fund is tax deductible, and you will receive an acknowledgement for your tax records.
By donating to the Lobo Memorial Scholarship Fund, you will be investing in the future of Longview High School seniors as they continue their college, university, or technical school education.

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