Star Award

The STAR AWARD is a Special Way to Honor a Longview ISD Faculty or Staff Member.

No matter how long ago our school days were, we all fondly remember the really great educators who taught and guided us, and we still speak of them reverently. The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) community organization dedicated to forming those same lasting relationships with educators and other school employees who influence them and help them daily. 

To show their appreciation, students, parents and colleagues often honor special educators with gifts during the holiday season. This year the Longview ISD Foundation is offering the perfect educator gift, the STAR AWARD. The acronym STAR represents faculty or staff members who serve as a role model to students, parents and colleagues, truly believe in the worth of the student, affirm the belief that all students are learners, and recognize the need for daily acts of kindness. 

The STAR AWARD will honor the special relationship between the student and the faculty or staff member, and the donation given in the educator or staff member's name will give again and again to students and teachers through the Foundation's Grants-to-Teachers Program.

Since 1996, the Foundation has funded 602 grants, returning $583,376.08 to LISD classrooms. In addition to strengthening academics, the grants have also funded projects in art, music, technology, counseling and guidance, character education, and physical and health education. In addition to these grants, since 2008, the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. has funded twenty Campus Initiative Grants for a total of $56,020.67 to improve overall student achievement on LISD campuses.

Anyone who wants to honor a LISD educator or staff member with a STAR AWARD can fill out this form below. 

The donor can also write a personal message to the STAR AWARD recipient when filling out this form. The Foundation will send a special letter to the recipient announcing the STAR AWARD.

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