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Is the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. One of Longview's Best Non-Profit Organizations?

A U.S. News and Worlds Report's article entitled "How to Pick the Best Charities: A Guide to Giving" cites six tips for choosing a charity:

  1. The donor should talk to volunteers. They know the inside story.
    Please talk to any members of the board of directors. Each of them will be happy to talk about the positive experiences they have had through the Foundation and the positive rewards the Foundation's Grant-to-Teachers Program has given both teachers and students.
  2. The donor should check the Board of Directors. Do they meet at least twice a year?
    Yes! The Foundation's Board meets monthly in addition to monthly planning sessions and committee meetings.
  3. Does the non-profit organization use telephone solicitations?
    The Foundation personally visits prospective donors, explaining the mission, vision and projects for the coming year.
  4. The donor should ask for a mission statement.
    If the non-profit organization does not have one, how can the donor tell if the organization is doing its job?
  5. The donor should find out how the non-profit organization spends its money.
    The Foundation can tell you exactly how it has raised funds and exactly how those funds have been returned to LISD classrooms to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students.

    The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to speak about its Great Rewards for Great Ideas program to interested community groups.
  6. The donor should know that the non-profit group's budget is spent for really services as opposed to paying staff and raising funds.
    The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. has spent little money on expenses because so many of the operating expenses and needs such as stationery and supplies have been donated by the board members and local business.

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Ways to Invest: